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Picture of electromagnetic flowmeter Proline Promag D 10: Cost-effective wafer flowmeter

Proline Promag D 10
electromagnetic flowmeter

Highly cost-effective wafer flowmeter with easy-to-use operation concept

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  • Measuring principle


  • Product headline

    Highly cost-effective wafer flowmeter with easy-to-use operation concept.
    For basic water applications, optimized for limited space and plastic pipe installations.

  • Sensor features

    Easy, fast centering of the sensor – innovative housing construction. Energy‐saving flow measurement – no pressure loss due to cross section constriction. Maintenance‐free – no moving parts.
    Short face-to-face length and low weight. Integrated ground disks made of stainless steel. International drinking water approvals.

  • Transmitter features

    Optimum usability – display with touch screen (HART and Modbus RS485 communication only) or operation with mobile devices and SmartBlue app. Simple, time-saving commissioning – guided parameterization in advance and in the field. Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology.
    2-line display with push buttons. Device as compact or remote version. HART.

  • Nominal diameter range

    DN 25 to 100 (1 to 4")

  • Wetted materials

    Liner material polyamide: 0 to +60°C (+32 to +140°F)
    Electrodes: 1.4435 (316L)

  • Measured variables

    Volume flow, mass flow

  • Max. measurement error

    Volume flow (standard): ±0.5 % o.r. ± 1 mm/s (0.04 in/s)

  • Measuring range

    9 dm³/min to 282 m³/h (2.5 gal/min to 1250 gal/min)

  • Max. process pressure

    PN 16, Class 150, 10K

  • Medium temperature range

    Liner material polyamide: 0 to +60°C (+32 to +140°F)

  • Ambient temperature range

    -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)

  • Sensor housing material

    DN 25 to 100 (1 to 12"): AlSi10Mg, coated

  • Transmitter housing material

    Polycarbonat; AlSi10Mg, coated

  • Degree of protection

    Compact version: IP66/67, type 4X enclosure
    Sensor remote version (standard): IP66/67, type 4X enclosure

  • Display/Operation

    LCD display with touch & auto rotate

  • Outputs

    4-20 mA HART (active/passive), Pulse/frequency/switch output
    Modbus RS485, 4-20 mA

  • Digital communication


  • Power supply

    DC 24 V
    AC 100 to 230 V
    AC 100 to 230 V / DC 24 V (non-hazardous area)

  • Hazardous area approvals

    CSA, GP

  • Product safety

    Product safety

  • Metrological approvals and certificates

    Calibration performed on accredited calibration facilities (acc. to ISO/IEC 17025)
    Heartbeat Technology complies with the requirements for measurement traceability according to ISO 9001:2015 – Section a (TÜV SÜD attestation)

  • Hygienic approvals and certificates

    Hygienic approvals and certificates