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Electromagnetic flowmeter - Proline Promag 51W

Proline Promag 51W
electromagnetic flowmeter

Sensor with degree of protection IP68 (Type 6P enclosure) with a transmitter for custody transfer

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    • Operating Instruction (BA)

    Proline Promag 51 HART Description of Device Functions

    English version - 03/2005

    New version available in English

    Description of the device functions (options and inputs). Additional documentation for Operating Instructions PROline Promag 51 W/P.

    • Faceplate

    Faceplate - Promag 100, Promag 50, Promag 53, Promag 51, Promag 55, Promag 400, Promag 200, Promass 100, Promass80, Promass 83, Pro mass 84, Promass 40, Promass 200, Prowirl 72, Prowirl 73, Prosonic Flow 93, Prosonic Flow B 200, Prosonic Flow92, Prosonic Flow 91, t-mass 150, t-mass L T 150, Prowirl 200, Promag 53/55 - HART

    Language neutral - 11/2020

    New version available in English

    Yokogawa, Plant Resource Manager, R3.02 Yokogawa, Plant Resource Manager, R3.11 Yokogawa, Plant Resource Manager, R3.05 Yokogawa, Plant Resource Manager, R3.10 Yokogawa, Plant Resource Manager, R3.12

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