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Turbine at a coal fired power plant

Minimizing risk with meter exchange

Ensuring safety by modernizing ageing technology

Power plants are often-hazardous environments housing plenty of potential dangers – putting people, business and the environment at risk. Damage or loss of production from a forced outage can mean high costs. Preventive measures like replacing mechanical meters and other outdated technologies with more reliable and efficient systems is key to ensuring maximum process safety and performance.

How we can help

To safely improve your plant’s processes – be it a thermal steam-electric, combined cycle gas turbine, hydroelectric, internal combustion engine, or cogeneration plant – we bring our industry expertise and best replacement technology for your existing mechanical meters and other ageing technologies. Instrumentation that requires less maintenance, has less risk of failure, that makes it easier for you to achieve your business goals.

  • A safety measurement portfolio complying with international standards: e.g. ATEX, FM, TIIS

  • State-of-the-art technology according to IEC 61508 SIL 2, allowing for homogeneous-redundant application up to SIL 3 in safety-instrumented systems

  • Integrated diagnostics, verification and monitoring; safe processes and plant operation ensured by Heartbeat technology

  • Uniform operating concepts delivering simplicity, and therefore safer operation management

  • With our comprehensive service offering and industry expertise, we support you throughout the entire plant life cycle worldwide. And we offer safety and standards seminars and trainings to help boost the competence of your staff


Direct, accurate flow measurement at the gas turbine inlet

Fuel consumption has a huge impact on a plant’s efficiency and bottom line making it essential to accurately measure natural gas flowrate. Traditional turbine flowmeters measure volume only, meaning other meters are needed to determine mass or corrected volume flowrate. Subject to wear, the accuracy of these meters drifts over time, and they require periodic greasing.

Direct, accurate, cost-saving flow measurement
Our expertise in the field

Exchanging turbine flowmeters with the Promass Coriolis allows for the direct determination of gas mass flow.

  • Increased reliability and safety from Heartbeat in-situ self-diagnostics and verification

  • Promass Coriolis is multivariable: no need for additional meters to measure and correct for pressure, temperature and density

  • Better accuracy of +/- 0.35% means large gas savings

Exchange the detector and keep your Gamma radiometric source

Several tough applications in fossil fuel, biomass, and Waste-to-Energy plants continue to rely on Gamma radiometric level, point level, and density measurement. But in typical installations with Geiger Müller tube receivers, measuring performance deteriorates over time due to declining source activity and the relative insensitivity of receivers.

Higher sensitivity scintillator-style detector
Our expertise in the field

You can extend the lifetime of your existing radioactive source by switching to newer scintillator-style detectors.

  • Higher sensitivity detectors like the Gammapilot FMG50 function with low radiation fields allowing you to keep your existing source for many years to come

  • Avoid replacement and disposal costs, paperwork, and reduce risk

Automatic, low maintenance pH monitoring in desulfurization

Control of the pH value is very important for a properly functioning flue gas cleaning system. But the tough, abrasive conditions in the gas scrubber make life very difficult for pH sensors. Standard installations require frequent cleaning and manual calibration, and regular sensor replacement.

Automatic cleaning and calibration
Our expertise in the field

Thankfully, smart systems like the Liquiline Control CDC90 pH measuring system can now automate the cleaning and calibration of sensors.

  • Fully automatic cleaning and calibration to ensure reliable, consistently precise pH measurement, and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Ensures reliable measured values and longer service life for pH sensors

  • Better working safety by minimizing maintenance work in hazardous environments

Slurry density measurement in flue gas desulfurization (FGD)

Lime slurry density measurement at the injection site is important for the efficiency of the flue gas cleaning process. Once a certain concentration is achieved the gypsum is removed from the process. The abrasive medium makes this a challenging measurement requiring a robust solution like radiometric measurement. But many aging systems still exist that use high energy sources and dated transmitter technology. Safety and certification concerns drive your need for alternatives.

Density and flow measurement in flue gas desulfurization (FGD)
Our expertise in the field

Density measurement can be done with the sensitive and safe new generation radiometric Gammapilot. For customers who prefer not to use radiometric measurement, Promass Coriolis can simultaneously measure density, mass flow, and temperature.

  • New generation radiometric Gammapilot is sensitive, safe, and robust to ensure the highest possible measurement availability

  • Promass Coriolis can remove a nuclear source from your plant, reducing certification, paperwork, and training concerns

Next-gen tablet PC replaces HART® Handheld Communicator

Device configuration is a big part of the everyday work of a maintenance engineer. But most handhelds, are limited to a single protocol (e.g. HART) and limited to configuration only.

Next-generation tablet PC
Our expertise in the field

Boost field productivity and safety with the rugged new tablet PC Field Xpert that brings powerful and streamlined management of all instruments to your fingertips. Save time and cost in tough environments with easy device configuration and verification, and enhanced connectivity.

  • Save time with the simple to use, touch-optimized modern user experience

  • Reduce cost using a single device for PROFIBUS, Modbus and Endress+Hauser-specific service interfaces. One-click, fast connection to devices thanks to automatic hardware detection

  • Improve compliance: create configuration and Heartbeat verification reports, show the echo curve and more

Measure fly ash level without nuclear source and receiver

Removal of particulates from stack gases requires point-level switches to indicate when fly ash hoppers in Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) and Filter Bag Houses are full. Radiometric (Gamma) measurement is a well-recognized reliable solution for this, especially with poorer quality coals. But what choice do you have if you do not want to use radiometric measurement?

Capacitance level measurement of fly ash hoppers in Electrostatic Precipitators & Filter Bag Houses
Our expertise in the field

Customers who prefer not to use radiometric measurement can exchange to capacitance point level switches like the Solicap FTI77.

  • Remove a nuclear source from your plant, reducing regulatory burden, paperwork, and training concerns. Lower cost of maintenance

  • The most robust and reliable capacitance sensor available today, Solicap FTI77 is perfectly suited to hot and abrasive environments

  • Large active area provides very stable measurement (no false trips)


The safety of your personnel comes first in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of your power plant. Serious injuries can be caused by equipment failure that can often be traced to years of improper operation or inadequate maintenance. This is why we provide a complete range of technologies, solutions and services to fully meet your application requirements. We manufacture to the highest quality standards to guarantee consistent performance and compatibility.

  • x10

    higher reliability of digital devices compared to mechanical meters

  • Zero

    moving parts and independent of density changes

  • 17+

    years of functional safety standards IEC 61508 (quality, safety and reliability) applied

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