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Retrieve data through Netilion and gain insights

The Industrial Internet of Things – Turn data into knowledge

Unlock knowledge in your plant using Netilion, the cloud-based Industrial IoT ecosystem

Netilion is a multi-brand and cloud-based Industrial IoT ecosystem, designed for processes in industrial process engineering. It connects the physical and the digital world. With Netilion we use digitalization to make knowledge available to our customers to support and optimize their processes and make fact-based decisions fast – anywhere at any time. With its scalable approach and the different digital offerings, Netilion provides options that are precisely tailored to the customer needs.

Unlock knowledge with Netilion

A day in the life of: A team using Netilion to make data driven decisions

Walk with Netilion: Plan ahead using forecasts in your production facility

Working from home: Using Netilion with your google home

What’s IIoT? Benefits and value

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) focuses on technologies for industrial applications and is a subgroup of the IoT technology. Smart devices and machines connect to each other as well as to the Internet. By this way, data can be collected and stored centrally in a cloud. Digital services enable the user to obtain relevant information on the basis of this data and use it to optimize processes.

Netilion Value 

Netilion Value ©Endress+Hauser

Access your measurement data wherever you are with Netilion Value, our digital process monitoring service. It also supports your operations by sending threshold alerts to stop problems before they start.

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Netilion Health

Netilion Health ©Endress+Hauser

Enhance the reliability of your plant using Netilion Health. It collects all the data from your field devices and displays diagnostics as well as cause and remedy information so you can solve issues quickly and easily. Netilion Health puts your maintenance team ahead of problems.

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Netilion Analytics 

Netilion Analytics ©Endress+Hauser

Improve your plant management with Netilion Analytics. This digital service improves data transparency and eliminates obsolescence by optimizing and standardizing your field devices.

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Netilion Library

Netilion Library ©Endress+Hauser

Digitalize your documentation to save time and streamline workflows. Netilion Library is a file management service that organizes all types of technical documentation for your field assets. Now your team can research problems and prepare for audits faster.

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Netilion Inventory

Netilion Inventory ©Endress+Hauser

Get straightforward digital management of your supplies with Netilion Inventory. You can efficiently monitor every container and tank that will support your stock's optimization and logistics.

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Netilion Connect

Netilion Connect ©Endress+Hauser

Easy integration into any of your systems with Netilion Connect. Using a REST/JSON standard-based API and an integrated OPC server, you can easily incorporate all the data you get from Netilion into any platform.

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  • Multi-brand ecosystem – Makes your plant transparent, regardless of device type or manufacturer

  • Security and privacy – It meets internationally recognized standards of cloud-platform security, a safe harbor for your data >> Read more

  • Easy to use – Initial implementation is simple and daily use comfortable, all your data just a few taps away

  • Integration – Integrate data into your own systems using open integration technologies such as REST/JSON API and OPC UA

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