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Energy monitoring

Digitalization simplifies the collection and monitoring of energy data

In order to uncover and realize the savings potential available in the utilization of steam, water and air pressure in line with the brewery’s environmental goals, Hofbräuhaus installed an energy monitoring system, which relies on digitalization, with the support of Endress+Hauser.

Hofbräuhaus Munich ©Endress+Hauser
Memograph M data manager ©Endress+Hauser

Industry 4.0 built into the switch cabinet: the Memograph M, with integrated web server, provides operators remote access for calling up stored data or configuring instrument parameters.

The results

  • Regardless of the product, continuous monitoring ensures fully transparent energy utilization, from brewing to filling

  • Thanks to digitization, monitoring was simply integrated into the existing infrastructure

Silvio Di Tano, Hofbräuhaus Munich

With the FieldXpert I have simple and fast mobile access to the current energy utilization data from anywhere, plus I can analyze trends and configure the instruments.

Silvio Di Tano, Head of Electronics
Staatliches Hofbräuhaus München

Customer challenge

The state-owned brewery wants to sink the specific heat consumption by 4 percent and production-generated CO₂ emissions as much as 30 percent. All of the individual measures will be bundled into an environmental management system. An automation concept for the integration of the data had to be developed. This concept is designed to ensure the seamless collection of energy utilization data and provide mobile access to the data.

Our solution

Heart of the solution is Memograph M, a data manager that serves as an interface between the field instruments and the process control level. Memograph M forwards the actual sensor measurement values to the control system via PROFINET. Mobile access to the energy data monitoring system is fulfilled by the FieldXpert. This robust industry-scale tablet PC features a preinstalled device driver library for all important protocols and automatically detects instruments with a click.