Oxymax H COS22

Produktbillede af: Oxymax COS22

Sensor for opløst ilt
Amperometrisk design
Hygiejnisk design

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Order code
    • Order code 51505872

      Protective cap autoclaving COS21/COS22

    • Order code 50003987

      Junction box VBM

      with 10 high-impedance terminals Protection class: IP65 Dimensions: 125 x 80 x 55 mm (L x W x H)

    • Order code COS22Z-

      Maintenance Kit Oxymax H COS22Z

      Service Kit, COS22 und COS22D

    • Order code COY8-

      Zero-point gel COY8

      Zero point: Verification, calibration, adjustment at zero point of oxygen and disinfection sensors ::Amperometric and optical sensors ::12, 25 and 40mm diameter ::Application in the lab, in the field