Temperature head transmitter

Temperature head transmitter ©Endress+Hauser
Temperature head transmitter ©Endress+Hauser

Transformation of the sensor signal into a stable and standardized output signal for all industries

The transmitter is designed for the transformation of an RTD Pt100 sensor signal. Various measurement ranges are configurable. The standardized output signal used for process measurement is a 4 to 20 mA signal. This means a fast, easy and cost-saving temperature measuring as well as reliable and precise measured values for for a wide range of non-ex industry applications.


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Individuel konfiguration

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  • Fordele

    • High accuracy in total ambient temperature range

    • Fault signal on sensor break or short circuit, presettable to NAMUR NE 43

    • EMC according to NAMUR NE 21, CE

    • Online configuration during measurement using SETUP connector

    • Customer specific measurement range...

  • Anvendelsesområde

    • PC programmable (PCP) temperature head transmitter for converting a Pt100 input signal into a scalable 4 to 20 mA analog output signal

    • Input: Resistance thermometer (RTD) Pt100

    • Online configuration using PC with configuration kit and PC software

Funktioner og specifikationer



  • Measuring principle

    Head transmitter

  • Input

    1 x Pt100

  • Output

    1 x analog 4...20 mA

  • Auxiliary power supply

    10...35 V DC

  • Communication

    PCP (pc-programmable)

  • Installation

    Terminal head form B

  • Accuracy

    Pt100, -200...650 °C (-328...1.202 °F) <= 0.2K / 0.08% span

    Pt100, -50...250 °C (-58...482 °F) <= 0.1 K /0.08% span

    Pt100, -50...250 °C (-58...482 °F) <= 0.2 K /0.08% span

  • Galvanic isolation


  • Certification

    Marine approval

    UL according to 3111-1

    UL EX NI, IS

    GOST Metrology

    CSA General Purpose

    FM NI, Class I, Div. 2, Group ABCD

    CSA NI, Class I, Div.2, Group ABCD

    FM/CSA NI, Class I, Div. 2, Group ABCD

    GL (German Lloyd)

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